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AMDs best budget motherboard? Gigabytes A520 Aorus Elite review

We got our hands on what is possible the best budget motherboard AMD has to offer. This time the channel reviews Gigabytes Aorus Elite A520 full sized ATX motherboard. This board comes in at $89.99 at time of filming on Newegg and comes packed full of features, but can the performance stand tall with any of the budget offerings from chipsets like B550, or X570? We put the board through several rounds of testing using two different processors. We first tested the board against a budget B550 from AsRock the Phantom Gaming. We tested both boards under the same conditions to remove as many variables as possible. The two boards were tested using AMD’s Ryzen 5 3600X, and the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X. We tested both processors at stock and overclocked frequencies in four unique testing environments. We tested in a 3D Benchmark stress test, using Cinebench R20, a one hour Blender workload, and we had to put the board to the test in gaming performance. At the bottom of the description will be time stamps.

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Timestamps below!

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