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ASUS: Motherboard Asus Features and Specs Reviews

AsusMotherboards: . – now we will be dialogue regarding ASUS MOTHERBOARD features and specs OR facial look. If you choose a motherboard for your system to build, you have to regular mostly regarding features, specs,facial look of substance and price. One exciting motherboard cut that has come into the souk is the ASUS M3A78-T motherboard. Asus is a leading name in the field of technologies and electronic look and you will find the motherboard to be no exception.

Now Latest 2014 – 2015 ASUS motherboards feature and specs was tested using the 2600K Core i7 processor with 3.4GHz, 4GB Corsair memory, Seagate Baracuda 500 GB 7200 RPM and Nvidia GTX280. Using the TurboV, which is the overclocking features of this latest Asus boards, and instantly it can achieved the maximum clock speed of almost 4.5GHz. This means an increased of 1.1GHz or 25% on its performance with no effort.
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I just created this video because I like PC Technology, sharing ideas and pictures concerning gaming motherboards specs, features, graphics cards, memories.
Even if you search on the net you find motherboards like powerfull Asus motherboards like MAXIMUS VII… Great art hey!

however if you’re a computer fanatic I’m sure you won’t be contented with these results. Setting the clock at 103MHz and multiply it by 46 attaining a very stable clock speed of 4.738MHz, an increase of 1.38GHz in speed is noticeable in its performance. That wouldn’t be that case if you still want to pushed more speed with this board you can do instruction manual overclocking just spend some moment with it.