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Car Parts Fear of the Unknown!

Car Parts Fear of the Unknown!

Owning your own car can be a wonderful experience. Whenever the mood strikes, you simply hop in, and go wherever suits. Cars represent freedom and spontaneity; they provide single folk and families alike the means to do what has to be done, go wherever needs visiting, and return back home again, all relatively simply and safely. Cars provide opportunity, they save time – except when the thing breaks down, and you have to go looking for car parts.

Apparently, finding car parts is not all that difficult if you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, many of us don’t. We know that we should probably go back to the dealership where we bought the thing, but we have no clue what we’d ask for. ‘The thing broke on my car’, we’d say, and to avoid enormous amounts of confusion, or simply being laughed out of the place, we stay at home, or take the bus.

Looking at a car’s innards is enough to send most of us to sleep, or make the more sensitive among us wonder who on earth lets us out in such a contraption anyway. And while there’s no question that a car’s engine is no place for the mechanical novice to set loose, there’s little doubt that it’s not as scary as it looks.

Just because you drive it every day, it doesn’t mean you have to have an intricate knowledge of the various parts that make up your car. You probably use a computer too, and wouldn’t know a motherboard from a processor. But that’s okay – you have a multitude of other skills that many a mechanic would give his right arm for. Maybe you’re the world’s best cook, or can knit faster than anyone you’ve ever met. It doesn’t matter – car parts simply aren’t your forte.

So when your car breaks down, don’t worry about appearing dim – your car is a convenience, and you’re not supposed to understand all it’s foibles. When you go to the garage or dealership for repairs or to purchase replacement parts, simply be as precise as you can about what happened. Take a look inside by all means, and try to find a visual cue that might help your mechanic understand what you are looking for.

But don’t worry about your lack of car part knowledge. Ask your mechanic to pick a pair of knitting needles, and we’ll see who knows what.