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Riserless 8 Way Mining Motherboard – 12 Month Review!

A2000 Fan Duct

Datalogging Thermometer (This point is superb).

Crypto Seed Phrase Wallet Backup

Respectable Thermal Pad Material (Check the density needed for your GPU version).

Acquisitions made with some shop web links might supply some payment to SiCPoW. – Samsung SM841 mSATA SSD

Sanyo SanAce 120 Fans (9GV1212P1J091). – Samsung 8GB DDR3 SODIMM RAM

A summary and also conversation concerning the 8-Way B75 riser-less mining motherboards I have actually been making use of. Talking about dependability, element selections, as well as prospective downsides. – LGA1155 Intel Stock Cooler – Intel 3220t CPU

** Interesting products **

Equipment Wallet

Safety And Security Film For Windows (Safety First). – B75 Mining Motherboard