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Watch This BEFORE Buying a z790 Motherboard: z790 vs z690 MSI Carbon Comparison

Are z790 Motherboards Worth the Money? The Best z790 motherboard may be a z690. MSI Carbon z790 vs z690 comparison. Don’t Waste Your Money. Building a New Intel 13th Gen Gaming PC, Looking to Upgrade Your Existing PC. Looking to upgrade from Intel 12th Gen to 13th Gen? This is a MUST watch if you are in the market for new motherboard. Should you spend the extra money for a z790 motherboard or use it somewhere else in your build. Watch our review to find out.

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00:00 Introduction
00:22 Setup
00:43 Pearly Gates
02:13 The MEAT
02:59 Differences
04:53 PRICE!!!
05:08 Similarities
05:57 Comment Time
06:11 Most Important Part